MMA Karl Lagerfeld

Around 12,000 sqft.

Free standing walls

The radius walls were all 14 gauge metal and leaned in and splayed out and had weights built in the platforms to carry the heavy loads. Every stud had a unique gusset plate that was made from 3/16'' steel and welded to 3/16'' 2''x2'' angle, the gusset plate was unique to every stud because the wall was a radius that leaned out and in and eventually went back to being plumb.

The 25' egg had so much engineered bracing above the ceiling because it could not be fastened to the ground.

There was over 21 domed niches, all different sizes that were all framed and sheathed on site.

The majority of the work was done in under 2 months with a number of different trades in a 12,000 square ft space.