Company Profile


Constructing with Purpose, Passion and Pride


Deliver world-class craftsmanship on time to the building industry with Purpose, Passion and Pride. No Excuses only solutions.

Company Values

We are a committed and loyal team who build with pride and honor to win the respect of each other and our customers. Our integrity is beyond reproach in fulfilling our commitments.
  • We are a business family dedicated to achieving the extraordinary!
  • Our pride is built on delivering world-class craftsmanship on every level.
  • Our desire and ability to learn and innovate is essential to our success.
  • Employee and customer loyalty is built by the way we honor people and our commitments.
  • We show concern and respect for every individual, regardless of position or title.
  • Our commitment to earning the trust and respect of each other and customers grows through open and honest communication.
  • We value our customers, seek to understand their needs and surpass their expectations.
  • We work hard and have fun - no excuses!

Leadership Behaviors


Live life with enthusiasm, excitement and love - make it contagious.


Think of the possibilities outside yourself and help others connect to them emotionally.


Unyielding drive and desire to achieve.


Be honest, self-reliant and trust in yourself and others.


Say it, do it - “Always taking the high road”.

Good Listener

Strive to understand. Reflect and clarify what is being said.


Serve the business through consultation and, in crisis, single point authority.

Lead by Example

Live it, teach it - purpose, passion and pride!


Courage, persistence and unyielding commitment.


Treat others in the highest regard and show concern for their physical and emotional well being.


Be approachable and unselfishly share your wisdom, knowledge and experience with others.


Concentrated effort on “mission” critical metrics to move business priorities forward.

Fire In The Belly

Energy and determination within one’s self to pursue our vision and win at every level.

Assessing Situations

Invite diverse perspectives to create outcomes beneficial to our company and customers.


One mind is a good start; the wisdom of many is crucial to our success.